• Jogja International Travel Mart ( JITM ) or well known as Jogja Travel Mart ( JTM ) will be held during 01-04 July 2019, at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta.
  • Participation as a Seller is open to Jogjakarta City Only tourism service operators.
  • JITM sellers must attach a copy of your tour operator license ( ASITA ) or hotel license ( PHRI ) with the application form in order to continue your registration process.
  • Two delegates are allowed in each booth, with one registered as a Full delegate and the second registered as a Co-delegate
    • – Full delegate is a primary representative of each unit who can enter all functions and activities during the Mart;
    • – Co–delegate is a secondary representative who is authorized to join all sessions and activities exceptand on-site appointment sessions.
  • Those who wish to participate as a Seller must complete the seller application form.
  • Sharing a booth between two (2) or more different business organizations is NOT allowed.

  • The participants are requested to complete the on-line application form via the JITM 2019 official website only. Deadline : June15, 2019.
  • Only for the Selected Candidates will receive a confirmation email and will received Seller Registration Form. Deadline : June 15, 2019.
  • The payment & Seller Form are required to send back to the Committee latest by June 20, 2019  otherwise, your reserved booth will be terminated and then submitted to others waiting.
  • Registration payment must be in full, exclusive of any bank fees or charges involved which will be for the account of the delegate.

  1. Only duly registered sellers are allowed to participate in the Jogja International Travel Mart ( JITM ).
  2. Submission of this form indicates applicant’s interest in attending JITM 2019 as a seller/ exhibitor. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be confirmed at the sole discretion of the committee.
  3. Admission to the Jogja International Travel Mart ( JITM ) area will be strictly on the basis of name badges. All sellers are required to wear their badges at all times in the Travel Mart area.
  4. Only registered Primary Seller delegates are entitled to appointment sessions with buyers, listing in the Seller List and participation in the appointment-scheduling program.  All sellers are entitled to a listing in the Event Guideline/ Directory; invitations to selected official functions and entrance into the exhibition hall during show hours.
  5. Confirmed Sellers participation at JITM 2019 is inclusive of a schedule of meetings with hosted buyers; company profile in the event directory; two exclusive reception functions; half-wall open booth (for sellers during table top function only), and lunch & coffee break during table top, unless otherwise
  6. Should the committee cancel JITM, any payment made in respect of registration will be refunded in The committee shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damages incurred due to such cancellation.
  7. Please note that during the event, private excursions or meetings are not It is also agreed that you follow all the scheduled meetings unless making prior arrangements with the committee.

This application, when submitted, shall serve as an agreement between the applicant’s organization and the Organizing Committee that the above terms and conditions have been read and understood by the applicant. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any incomplete application submitted without the applicant’s signature or stamp of the company.

Unless a suitable senior person replacement can be organized, 100% cancellation fee will apply to delegates who cancel their participation at JITM 2019 after 15th of June 2019. The cost of the additional delegate where applicable, will be covered by the delegate or delegate’s Buyers that fail to turn up at the event, due to negligence on their part, will be charged the full cancellation fee and will have to pay for any related expenses that may be incurred as a result of this no-show.

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